Scenario 1 - The Taxi Driver "Learn to Defend Yourself"

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Gheorghe Husar   |   Orjan Pettersen

Self Defence Training

A new & engrossing way to learn the very best Urban self defence / Krav Maga skills.


Follow our  series, linking together 12

various scenarios within an intriguing story.  


Online training is only available on the App

Engage with the characters throughout the journey as it culminates with an amazing Conclusion.


Through out the series you will witness various Krav Maga techniques from different scenarios, see how it can give you the confidence and new found skills to deal with real life scenarios.





We have Seperated each attack within the series into individual scenarios, creating 12 in total. When you sign up for the online self defence training we will go through each individual scenario and show you what can be achieved with the correct guidance and teaching.

As well as the training for the 12 scenarios we also have lots of extra techniques too, which are perfect for urban self defence,


Watch as our experts Gheorghe Husar and Orjan Petterson provide you with step by step, clear & precise training techniques.

We hope you've watched our superb series? if you have, you would have seen many violent situations develop with so many varied attacks, unfortunately this is real life and attacks like this do happen every day across the globe, so the question i am going to ask is  "Are you ready if you need to defend yourself ?"

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Don't forget all our training techniques are full endorsed by Itay Gil  “Be Safe Guys”

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