Itay Gil Limited Edition Morale Patches

Itay Gil in conjunction with Engage Movie has brought out a range of Limited Edition Morale Patches to celebrate Itay starring in the Engage Movie series. 

Itay, a former captain in the elite Israeli special forces “Yamam” explains; “the idea was to put to me regarding the patches because of my extensive military background, and me being a collector of morale patches, I have collected them from all over the world. To me, it dovetailed perfectly with me starring in the Engage Movie series, they are very exclusive guys & a great collectors item, don’t miss out before it’s too late.”

The Yamam is an Israeli counter-terrorism unit, and is capable of both hostage-rescue operations and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. Besides military duties, it also performs SWAT duties and undercover police work.

The collection
Itay Gil’s unique logo is encapsulated in a simple yet striking design with the six different colours of bullets, the colours symbolising the exclusiveness of each patch. The Engage Movie logo completes the patch representing Itay Gil's Engage Movie collection.

The patches are made to the highest standard with the detail being 3 dimensional, the closer you look the more incredible the detail is.

Our superb Morale Patch Collection is totally exclusive to Engage Movie, it is a one off collection to celebrate Itay Gil's first movie series, these patches will be highly sort after and once they gone they are gone!!! 

Get collecting now!

Engage Morale Patch (Bronze Edition)

  • Itay Gil Bronze (The bronze bullet)
    100 exclusive patches. They are a one off production, to celebrate the Engage Movie series starring Itay Gil.